Sue Frederick’s 5 Step Grief-Shifting Model

Sue Frederick’s Five Step Grief Shifting Model: 1.-Shock or Shared Death Experience: We’re lifted into an alternative state of consciousness at the moment of our loved one’s death. This can last days or months; it affects our ability to eat and sleep. We are not completely in our bodies. With awareness, we can use this as a time of sacred connection; a sort of vision quest consciousness provided by our departed loved one.

Stop Pretending: A guide to getting through the 2020 holidays…

Click here to watch this live interview: In 2020, many of us are grieving. We may have lost a loved one or a career or a lifestyle that once made us happy. Mostly, we are grieving our connection to each other. How do we move through these holidays with this...

We need to howl!

Like me, you may be asking yourself lately why is the world so angry? Why are we all fighting? Today I propose to you that we are ALL grieving in this summer of 2020; that this is a time of collective mourning. And beneath our rage is powerful Mother Grief. We need to howl! Together!

On the Job Tour with God – reprinted from Unity Magazine

Lately, I’ve been eager for my own personal God-tour of this complex universe. There have been days when I just can’t seem to “shift up” to embrace the divine goodness in all things. Like political insanity. Or mass shootings. Or pandemics. But mostly like my husband Gene getting an aggressive prostate cancer diagnosis. I lost my first husband to colon cancer years ago and was hoping I’d never face that kind of suffering again.

So I’ve been struggling with this question that Job asks: “Why do people suffer?”