Dear Beloveds who are seeking a session with me,

I need to ask for your patience and support as I work with some unexpected medical issues. I value and rely on your support, and I may need your help in being flexible around changes to the scheduling of your appointment to help accommodate unexpected changes on my end.

Blessings and Gratitude,

Rev Sue

Dear Beloveds who are seeking a session with me,

I need to ask for your patience and support as I work with some unexpected medical issues. I value and rely on your support, and I may need your help in being flexible around changes to the scheduling of your appointment to help accommodate unexpected changes on my end.

Blessings and gratitude,

Rev Sue

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Career, Grief, and Relationship Guidance

UPDATE 2024: Whether you’re grieving the loss of a child or struggling to find meaningful work that’s in alignment with your soul’s purpose – I’m here for you – filled to the brim with spiritual insights gained in a life of seeking answers and exhilarated by years of intense spiritual study. I’m a lifelong intuitive, Ordained Unity Minister, Between Lives and Past Lives Soul Regression Therapist, Angelic Realm Channel and Master Numerologist! Use me to channel in the wisdom you need for your own healing and to remember your true divine nature! My sessions are more powerful than ever – whether I’m taking notes from your departed to share with you or guiding you through a journey to meet your council of elders in the divine realms or guiding you through a significant past lifetime. Our session will lift you from your story and invigorate you with insight and inspiration. Sign up for a session…


Career, Relationship & Grief Intuitive Sue Frederick

Intuitive guide and grief shifter Sue Frederick will lift you into your soul’s view to see your challenges, gifts and relationships from an empowering new perspective; she’ll connect to your departed for healing, and reveal the destiny work (soul mission) you’ve already signed up for as well as the changing cycles of life and career. She’ll realign you with your greatest self; bigger and wiser than all of your struggles; bigger than your pain story. CLICK HERE TO BOOK A SESSION IN HER ONLINE CALENDAR!

Sue is now offering THREE DIFFERENT KINDS OF INTUITIVE SESSIONS:  Book a session

60 minute Career, Soul Mate or Grief Intuitive session including communication with your departed as she’s offered for 20 years ($350)  Book here…

90 minute Hybrid Session: This is the Best of Both Worlds. In this session, Numerology meets the between lives soul journey. You’ll receive Sue’s numerology guidance about your soul mission, soul agreements, direction for life and career, downloaded guidance from spirit and departed loved ones, and personal year cycles. Then Sue guides you to the divine realms to meet your spirit guides, departed loved ones, and council of elders for guidance. You get the best of both worlds! (In this session we do NOT experience a past lifetime as we do in the two hour session.) This session last 90 minutes. ($375)  Book here…

Two Hour Soul Regression Session: Sue guides you through a process of accessing a meaningful past life and meeting with your guides, council of elders AND departed loved ones. You’ll gain access to your soul plan and soul agreements for this lifetime. ($500) Book here…

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When you work with Sue, she speaks to the essence of YOU; to your strong, loving, powerful divine self who knows you got this!

She’ll hold you in that positive consciousness and help you shift up to it. She will not agree to your victim hood; to your blame and anger; she will not see you as broken. She will acknowledge that wounded part of you and love on it; but she will not hold it as who you are. She’ll show you how to use your pain as fuel for a better life. She’ll align you with your exquisite divine self; your wise and powerful heart; your amazing gifts; and the great work you came here to do.

Her intuition is flawless and she clearly sees the great potential in you and how to turn it into a successful career. Sue is a Master Numerologist and uses numerology to connect to your soul plan and soul agreements.

If you’re grieving for a departed loved one, Sue will guide you through a direct healing conversation with your loved one on the other side that will be empowering and life-changing. She will also use guided writing to download insight from your departed and share that insight during the session.

If you’re heartbroken over relationships, Sue will clearly explain your soul agreements with the important players in your life and help you find true love.

After this session (by zoom), you’ll walk away with a new perspective on your life’s direction, the work you came here to do & the love you came to experience. You’ll feel empowered and see your losses and grief from a healing perspective. You’ll have baby steps for moving forward.

When you sign up for an intuitive session, Sue will ask for your full name as it is on your birth certificate and your date of birth. With this information to connect her to your path, she spends an hour prepping for your session – meditating on your path, and downloading intuitive guidance for you.

When your session begins, she is already connected to your journey, your challenges, your departed loved ones, and your great potential. She will guide you forward in a powerful, focused way. Often, she will have dreams to share with you that have come through the night before your session. These dreams contain important information to help you navigate your journey.

You will be able to ask Sue specific questions about your choices, your career and your relationships, and together create a practical plan for your future that begins with manageable steps. The end result will be tremendous clarity about your true work and how to make it happen; as well as how to navigate the challenging transitions of life, love, grief and career.

There are no refunds but you’re welcome to reschedule if your appointment time needs to be changed. It’s helpful to read Sue’s books I See Your Dream Job or I See Your Soul Mate or Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side to prepare for your session. Sue does all sessions by zoom.
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Please pay for your one hour career, soul mate or grief intuitive session with Sue Frederick

Please pay for your one hour career, soul mate or grief intuitive session with Sue Frederick


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Please pay for your 90 minute Hybrid session with Sue Frederick

Please pay for your 90 minute Hybrid session with Sue Frederick


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Please pay for your two-hour Soul Regression session with Sue Frederick

Please pay for your two-hour Soul Regression session with Sue Frederick


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I just gave my son Jeremy a reading with Sue Frederick for his birthday. His brother Evan transitioned in July 2022. I have had some excellent medium readings since then but I was searching for the right kind of reading that would be broader and not only connect with Evan but provide practical information to help Jeremy with his soul purpose, relationship insight, career path and general life direction using his strengths. I heard Sue speak on a recent HPH zoom event and thought maybe a reading with her would encompass what I was looking for and Jeremy happened to have an interest in numerology.

Sue truly provided a comprehensive approach with the practical information to help Jeremy with his life going forward. In addition, Evan was present through out the entire reading with a ton of information and advice as well as a powerful explanation as to how Jeremy could positively reframe the reason for his passing, what he had been sent here to accomplish and that he completed his mission. This was very helpful for Jeremy. Sue was able to integrate not only Evan but Jeremy’s spirits guide into the reading with several clear validations about Jeremy’s personality, his relationship with Evan and details that only Evan would know. Sue is also a master at bringing numerology into the mix which helped provide career and relationship information that was accurate and extremely helpful with guidance going forward, with Evan promising to be there to help. It was truly a mind blower of a reading, covering many important aspects that will help him in his life. I do believe Evan led me to Sue and gave me the inspiration to get this gift for Jeremy.

As Jeremy said after, this was worth a 1,000 therapy sessions, it was much more valuable than what he has gotten out of his therapy, so much deeper and provided insight into his life that completely resonated but that wasn’t clear or obvious to him until it was pointed out.  He knew it on a soul level but needed to have it brought to the surface. He said it was the best gift he could have ever gotten.

Sue is multifaceted in her talents and ability to connect and tie so many highlights together. She is compassionate and loving but clear, firm and honest in her approach. I highly recommend getting a reading with Sue. As a bonus for me, I was able to sit in on the reading so it benefited me to hear so much from Evan and see the practical direction they both provided for Jeremy. Truly amazing. -Liz K.

This angel appeared in my room while I was working with a client

Grieving mom connects to her daughter…

Sue is boldly honest, compassionate, and very blessed with an extraordinary gift.  Unbeknownst to her, I asked Alex to speak about the one thing no one had yet to do and if this person were to speak about it, then I would have the ultimate affirmation that her true essence was being accurately conveyed.  Because while I BELIEVE my daughter shows up to every encounter I may seek out, I have not been assured that those individuals were accurately reading my daughter;  until Sue.  The one thing I had asked was to have Sue mention her hair.  Alex’s hair was so important to me because the state of her body after being horrifically struck by an impaired driver (and ejected in spite of being seat-belted in), was such that we could only view her face and hair (and we had to wait 4 days for the medical examiner to release her).  When everyone had concluded their visits with Alex, I went back inside the room where she lay (with the funeral director) and combed her beautiful hair.  I was actually struck by how soft it was given what she had just endured.  It was my plan to take a portion of her hair as a keepsake, which I did.  It meant the world to me to have it and to have had that last beautiful moment with my baby.  During our mediation, Sue mentioned my stroking Alex’s hair not once, not twice, but three times.  No one before her had ever mentioned the one thing I had repeatedly asked Alex to share.  It was the ultimate gift. – Michele Patafio

I just had a session with Sue Frederick that I had scheduled back in April. I don’t often write reviews but I feel so confident in her abilities that I had to write this right away. If this review helps just one grieving parent make the decision to schedule with her I would be overjoyed to have a part in the healing that was to follow.
I can’t say enough good things about her and her work. For the first time since my sons passing, almost 6 months ago, I have hope in living my life with my son helping and cheering me on.
Up until today I had not heard my son or felt his presence despite my yearning to and despite the sessions I’ve had with two mediums. I know my son was there during the session and even heard his voice. This is something I would’ve given my soul for and with Sue’s help it happened within an hours time.
I now know it is possible to have a relationship with Josh and will be working on the meditations as Sue advised. She is such a beautiful, authentic, and loving soul and I am forever grateful for her and her gift.
With much love and gratitude,
Dear Sue,

Thank you so much for yesterday. Your words and connection to Dana brought such comfort to my broken heart. You brought Dana forward in a way that you would have to know her. Nothing for me is better than that. I am going to listen and absorb your reading again and again. As for myself and my path I want to lean in so more and more in my own purpose of helping others as we navigate loss and life.

You are a gift to humanity Sue and I know the angels are singing as you continue to help tend to those who need some hope and guidance.
Much love,

Oh, Sue.  I am speechless with so much gratitude.  I truly can’t thank you enough… I love your sacred and important work.

I am doing my homework you assigned to me.  I am looking at your website and courses and really want to learn so much more for this path I’m on from you; your words just resonate.  I really do feel Bethany [departed daughter] connected so well with you because of your innate kindness and selflessness.  The light just shines through you – both physically and metaphysically!
I have 3 grieving-mom-friends who have sessions with you next month and I told them about my wonderful session with you that really just gave me such immense and invaluable validation and hope.
Thank you so much again!

“Sue, you have a wonderful gift and we both feel fortunate that you’ve come into our lives, especially during these challenging times. You gave us some very valuable advice today which we certainly appreciate and will use to help us move forward.” R. C. Collins, Denver, CO.

“Life feels better in every way after my session with you. Sending big gratitude!” Lisa Chirico, New York

“Sue, thank you so much for all of your insight, encouragement, and reassurance. I loved how precise you were in your recommendations to me. I felt so energized after talking to you.” T. M. – Los Angeles, CA.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH SUE! I so appreciate your words. Not only do they give me comfort, but also hope. It feels like I can breathe for the first time in over a year.” – C.K. – Phoenix, Arizona

“I had the good fortune to do a session with Sue Frederick yesterday! I felt so much more sure of myself after our session. Sue’s amazing insight, practical suggestions and tough love resulted in my being more inspired about my life’s purpose and work than I have been in a long time!” C.A.L – Pittsburgh, PA.

“My sincere thanks to you for an intense hour of opening good and meaningful possibilities for me. I appreciate your help and passing on your vibrant energy as well.” Trina Wherry – New York

“First I want to tell you how very much I enjoyed our session. The entire concept was amazing and exactly what I needed to jump start my life. I kept listening to the tape over and over this weekend…and it has reinforced my belief that my session with you on Friday was a profound turning point in my life.” J. D. – Baltimore, MD.

“You did a marvelous session with me awhile back. And I was thinking of you just last night. I wanted to let you know again how much you helped me. You inspired and validated me to be exact! So I wanted to let you know what great work you do…Brilliant! And how your gift and work has a tremendous domino effect throughout many other people’s lives. Thank you again.” — Diane Jerue, New York City

“Sue, I feel so much relief and peace after working with you. Looks like things are in motion. I look forward to working with you again.” Lisa D., San Francisco, California