Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about soul plans and soul agreements. For decades I’ve understood that we create a soul plan before we incarnate into this physical realm. And we make soul agreements (sometimes painful ones) with all of our beloveds to help us grow. We come to earth to evolve consciousness – ours and all sentient beings. We’re all on the same team here – the team of soul evolution.I’ve spent decades (inspired by personal grief and my own intuitive sensitive nature) studying world religions, numerology (my gateway to understanding the soul journey), astrology and spiritual metaphysics to arrive at this knowing-ness. I’ll soon be an Ordained Unity Minister.

In my meditations, I’ve been shown that I have ten years left in this physical incarnation. I’m so grateful to have these ten years and want to make every moment count; to bring this message of higher learning and soul missions to more people in more powerful ways. Becoming a Unity Minister empowers me to do this.

My most powerful teacher in this lifetime has been my own higher consciousness – taking me on journeys beyond the physical since I was a child; a child bewildered by these experiences yet determined to understand the higher realms I traveled in nightly. Daily meditation since my 20s has provided intense and insightful learnings about the other side and our collective purpose here.

When grief broke me wide open in my 20s, my departed husband and best friend Crissie came back many times to teach me how it all worked and what I had agreed to in this lifetime. I’ve been told that I have a courageous heart and agreed to a journey of intense spiritual growth because I wanted to be able to help others. I’m not alone in this intention. All of our lifetimes are designed to break us open and teach us to bring divine love fully to this earthly realm. We’re working together to raise the vibration in the physical world and love is the tool for doing that.

But to fully access love, we have to quiet the human mind – which is incapable of understanding or accepting these divine principles. They go against logic says the mind; why would anyone agree to lose a loved one; why would anyone agree to experience illness, tragedy, poverty or discrimination? The mind balks at this premise and instead seeks to place blame on others. Or more disturbingly, our human minds created the concept of a punishing God who judges and condemns us. This is not the truth. Silent meditation is your sacred tool for quieting the mind and opening the heart; meditate daily and you’ll reap the benefits of an open heart.

God is a divine loving consciousness that runs this universe and pulses through every single one of us. Yes, YOU are God Consciousness incarnate. So am I and everyone else including those you call your enemies. Our universe is fueled by love and constantly brings us growth opportunities to help us complete our soul missions. Every life event is unfolding in our favor no matter how it appears.

Our job as humans is to surrender the past; say yes to the next; quiet the mind and open the heart – no matter how much pain we find ourselves in. Being in this physical realm requires us to exist in two realms simultaneously; to feel the grief of this physical world while also seeking a higher feeling such as gratitude, compassion and divine love. These high vibration feelings align us with our divine loving God Consciousness. They lift us above our mental stories and align us with the soul’s view. I call this using our Divine Lens.

Since 2002, I’ve worked with thousands of grieving clients through my coaching/teaching business. Grieving parents have a special place in my heart; to me they are the bravest, oldest souls amongst us. They’ve agreed to heartbreak like no other in order to awaken to the higher purpose of our earthly journeys; they agreed to become spiritual healers. I’m honored that so many of them come to me for healing and hope. I’m particularly honored to be speaking at the Helping Parents Heal international group in August.

If your mind keeps you from believing in what your soul knows is true, take a minute to listen to what grieving parents say about their personal experiences of communication with their departed children. These are ordinary parents who never questioned the nature of reality until their child’s death devastated them; when their child returned to communicate in ways that couldn’t be denied they were lifted into the soul’s view. Their child became their spiritual teacher.

These children on the other side are trying to awaken all of us to the truth of our earthly lessons; to the realization that we are not victims; that we each make a plan for soul growth in this earthly realm. We can say no to our lessons and hunker down in our human stories; in our pain and blame. But our soul will nudge us again and again to awaken in this lifetime. Sooner or later, we’ll say yes to this higher understanding.

For decades, I’ve used numerology and intuition to help people remember their soul’s plan, soul agreements, and what they came here to do. Numerology is my gateway to the soul’s intention. Let me help you access your soul plan through numerology. Here’s the link to information about my intuitive numerology readings. My readings are deeply steeped in loving God consciousness. They’re designed to help you remember your God essence and align fully with your courageous God Consciousness.

In my Mystical Conversations Podcast, you’ll hear everyday people describing their unearthly experiences and soul nudges. You’ve had these mystical experiences too. Your mind may have told you to dismiss them. But your soul knows the truth. Take a journey with me to remember your soul’s plan; to honor your God Consciousness and fulfill your soul’s mission. I’ll be your ally on the journey…

Loving you now and always,

Sue Frederick