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3/10/11, WFON-FM, Fon du Lac/Milwaukee, WI, :30 minute live radio interview with Jon & Mary during morning drive time.

1/11/11, WFON-FM, Fon du Lac/Milwaukee, WI :30 minute live radio interview with Jon & Mary during morning drive time.

11/11/10, WFON-FM, 20 minute live radio interview with Jon & Mary during morning drive time.

11/4/10, WCXZ, Knoxville, TN., 30 minute interview on the Tom Amis Morning Show.

10/23/10, National TV Show, Bridging Heaven & Earth, Allan Silberman. 125 markets around the country plus all over the Internet. 5000 hits per day.

9/28/10, KBZZ-AM, Los Angeles, CA, :60 minute interview with Dr. Bunny Vreeland during afternoon drive time.

9/24/10, Jimagnew.net. The Daily pics features I See Your Dream Job.

9/23/10, Spiritual Media Blog, Matt Welsch did a review of I See Your Dream Job.

9/14/10, KCBR-AM/KCMN-AM, Colorado Springs, CO., :30 minute live interview during morning drive on the Tron Simpson Show

9/10/10, Internet Radio, : 40 minute interview with Dr. Margaret Cochran on Wisdom, Love, and Magic, BlogTalkRadio.

9/10/10, KBUL-AM, Billings, MT. :25 minute interview with Tommy B during morning drive time.

9/7/10, WCKZ-AM, Knoxville, TN, :30 minute live show during morning drive with Tom Amis.

9/7/10, Blog post: ADSET’s Information Weblog: I See Your Dream Job

9/2/10, WFON-FM, Fon du Lac, WI., :30 minute live interview during morning drive, Jon & Mary in the morning.

9/1/10, New York Journal of Books—review

Diana Page Jordan’s blog Aug 2010

MyLifetime.com—Feature and giveaway, January 2011

8/16/10, That Channel.com. :60 minute interview with Catherine McDonald on Psychic Streetsmarts. Sue is the resident career intuitive and is on the show every other month.

8/10/10, WBEV-AM, Madison, WI. :45 minute live radio interview with Brenda Murphy on The Idea Exchange during Middays.

7/29, Portland, Oregon + Internet. :30 minute live interview with Diana Jordan. Extensive social media coverage afterwards. Will also be saved as a podcast for additional downloads.

7/28/10, Diana Jordan blog post interview with Sue Frederick.

7/19/10, National Radio show, :60 minute live radio interview on Your Time with Kim Iverson. Show is heard in these markets: Austin, TX; Portland, OR; Denver, CO; Whitchita, KS; Memphis, TN; Indianapolis, IN; Buffalo, NY; Norfolk, VA

6/30, Blog Talk Radio, Internet, :60 minute live interview with Ken Hudnall on The Ken Hudnall Show.

6/21, www.thatradio.com, Internet radio show. :60 minute live interview which can also be skyped in with Catherine McDonald. Show is live and saved as a podcast.

6/25, KNRY-AM and The World Puja Network (internet). 60 minute

6/15, KFCD-AM, Central Minnesota, :20 minute live interview on Arron in the Afternoon.

6/4, National Radio, the Business Talk Radio Network, :10 minute live interview on the Dave McGee Show

5/24/10, KKZZ-AM, Palm Springs, Southern CA, :60 minute live interview on the Dr. Bunny Vreeland Show. Afternoon drive show leading into Dr. Laura show.

5/6, WCXZ-FM; Knoxville, TN, :30 minute interview on The Tom Amis Show during morning Drive.

5/4, WQUB-FM, Quincy, IL, Western, ILL, NE Missouri, :15 minute live radio interview on Hour in the Middle of the Day w/Jim Lenz.

4/27, WBEV-AM, Madison, WI, :20 minute interview with Brenda Murphy on The Idea Exchange.

4/13, Internet Radio Show, Reporting Live from the Universe w/Kristin White. :60 minute live interview .

3/30/10, Nationally syndicated radio show on the Lifestyle Radio Network/CBS radio heard in Seattle, Detroit, New York, LA, AOL Radio, and yahoo Launchcast. Sue Lundquist, I’m thankful show. :60 minute live interview.

2/25/10, WBEV-AM, Madison, WI. :20 minute interview on The Idea Exchange.

2/10/10, Success Blueprint Radio Show, Internet: Diva Tools, Live 365, itunes, host’s personal list.

1/15/10, Success Blueprint Show posted this on their Web site.

1/12/10, Blog Talk Radio show, Hope42day with Lynn Kindler. :30 minute live show with podcast download availability at all times.

1/11/10, Nationally Syndicated radio show, The Something You Should Know Show w/Mike Carruthers. :15 minute taped interview. Heard in 180+ markets across the country.

1/7/10, A Closer Look Radio w/Pam Atherton. :55 minute live show also saved as a podcast.

12/15, KKZZ-AM, Southern California, Ventura County, 60 minute live interview with Dr. Bunny Vreeland.

12/3, KAPE-AM, :60 minute taped interview with Dave Forrest on See Me Today.

12/3, WASN-AM, Youngstown, OH. 35 minute interview with Louie B Free. Live, morning drive interview that is streamed on the web and saved as a podcast.

12/2, PsychJourney Podcast. :40 minute interview with Deborah Harper. Live and saved as downloadable podcast.

11/16/09, KKZZ-AM, Ventura and So. Calif, :60 minute live show with Dr. Bunny Vreeland, on the Dr. Bunny Show.

11/13, KCIL-FM, New Orleans, 20 minute live interview during morning Drive with JD and Cindy.

11/13/09, WDVR-FM, New York/Newark, :60 minute live radio interview during afternoon drive on The World of Work

11/12/09, WWL-TV New Orleans Thursday, Nov 12. Live spot

11/10/09, New Orleans Times-Picayune interview

11/3/09, KAHI-AM, Sacramento, CA. 30 minute live interview with Mary Jane Popp

November review, www.sacramentobookreview.com.

November Issue: REAL SIMPLE – an interview with Sue in the “Moneywise”

COMPLETE WOMAN, December issue, on stands in Oct

Feature including 10-book giveaway, interview, excerpt, reading

10/21/09, BBS Internet Radio Show, The Donna Seebo Show, heard around the country and the world on BBSRadio.com from 3 – 4 p.m. weekdays, PT, also streamed live an archived on www.bbsradio.com

10/9/09, Webtalkradio.net. Internet radio show called Wisdom, Love & Magic w/Dr. Margaret Chochran. 30-40 thousand listeners.

10/9/09, World Puja Network, Internet Program. Interview with Maureen Moss.

10/8/09, WRPI-FM, Albany, Schenectady, and Troy, NY. :60 minute live interview on “In the Spirit” radio show. Live readings for callers on the air during the show.

10/8/09, Denver Post—interview ran.

10/7/09, KNEWS, Las Vegas, NV. 25 minute live, midday radio interview with Charles, Dyer.

10/6/09, Network show on NPR affiliates, Mastering Your Money w/Ed Fulbright. Flagship station is WNCU-FM.Radio show airs on Durham, North Carolina NPR affiliate 90.7FM WNCU Saturdays at 10:10am EST. Durham, NC; Northfolk, VA; Huntsville, NC; Hollyspring MI; Alcorn, MI; Waterloo, IA on NPR stations and and worldwide on www.wncu.org.

10/6/09, Blog Talk Radio, 30 minute live interview with Jennifer Hill Rebenalt on “Soul Lab.”

10/4/09, Blog Talk Radio, 60 minute live interview with Scott Cluthe, host of Positively Incorrect.

9/30/09, Boulder Daily Camera

9/26/09, KMGH-TV Channel 7-ABC, Saturday, Sept 26. live, 3-minute interview at 8:40AM

9/24/09, (Part 2) WBEV-AM, Madison, WI, A second live interview booked on The Idea Exchange.

9/23/09, Internet Radio, United States & Canada. 60 minute interview on Psychic Street smarts with Catherine McDonald

9/21, Ocala/Daytona/Southern, FL, WOCA-AM, 20 minute live interview during morning drive with Larry Whittler. (PART 2. They loved having her on the air and scheduled her again. I am proposing they do a regular bit with Sue–weekly or biweekly on Friday mornings, for example.

9/10, KCMN-AM & KCBR-AM, 15 minute live interview during morning drive, simulcast on two different Stations. Interview on Tron Talk.

9/9, KFLD-Am, Central Minnesota, 20 minute live interview during afternoon drive time with Aaron Imholte.

9/8/09, KBUL-AM, Billings, MT. Immediately following the first interview with Sue on 9/3, the producer contacted me to book her for a second interview on 9/8.

9/3/09, Clear Channel Portland Radio, Portland, OR & SW Washington, 10 minute interview with Paul Linnman on 1190KEX, the flagship station.

Publishers Weekly New Age article

San Francisco Bookreview

Video from NYC party

Fox Business

9/4/09, CBS Psychic Radio “Wakeup Call” interview Sept 4

9/3, KBUL-AM, Billings, MT. 25 minute live morning drive interview on the Morning Bulletin w/Tommy B.

9/1/09, WASN-AM, Youngstown, OH. Interview with Louie Free on the Louie Free radio show. Live with callers.

Daybreak on the Deuce KWGN/KDVR

Local Denver TV

8/27/09, WBEV-AM, Madison, WI, 20 minute interview on The Idea Exchange with Brenda Murphy.

8/26, KHRO-AM, El Paso, TX + Blog Talk Radio, 60 minute live interview on the Ken Hudnell Show.

8/26, Colorado Springs, CO. 20 minute live show on KCMN-AM & KCBR-AM w/Tron Simpson. Morning drive is simulcast on both stations.

8/25, Knoxville, TN. WCXZ-AM, 20 minute interview during morning drive on the Tom Amis Show.

8/20, Ocala/Daytona/Southern, FL, WOCA-AM, 20 minute live interview during morning drive with Larry Whittler.

8/19/09, WASN-AM, Youngstown, OH, Second interview—Part two with Louie Free

8/5/09, WASN-AM, Youngstown, OH, + Streaming live over the Interview and archived as a podcast, 25 minute interview with Louie Free.

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