something-important-to-doYou still have something important to do – even if you can’t see it right now. Even when you feel lost and pointless, without direction, floating in grief – that great thing still lives inside of you. Deep down.

When the time is right and the world is ready and you’ve learned what you needed to learn – your great gift will come pouring out of you like an Arkansas Spring flood, like a hurricane downpour, unstoppable and urgent.

It will save every heart, crack the world wide apart, pour light into darkness, open minds, heal souls and change lives – especially yours.

It’s the gift you agreed to bring into this lifetime. Nobody else brought it. Only you.

You signed up for this one – orchestrated the precise childhood to bring this gift to birth inside of you, designed the perfect pain to wake you up and break your heart wide open and turn everything you’ve learned into soaring wisdom that sings in just this key, this chord, that nobody else can strike, that nobody else could possibly deliver, that nobody else is capable of sharing in your exact way.

This gift has your number on it – no one else’s. It fits perfectly into the puzzle slot that’s waiting empty now.

Not until every empty slot of this puzzle is filled can we change this pitiful world,light it up with consciousness and shift it over into bliss.

When everyone brings their unique piece to the table we all win.

And right now everyone is wondering exactly where your piece is and when you’ll bring it to the puzzle because your gift is the tipping point, the one we’ve all been waiting for and it changes everything.