kindnessKindness is everything. Getting back up is all that matters. Trying again is the world. Looking back you’ll see the choices you could have made. Make them now. The road less traveled you could have taken. Take it now…

Take a tiny step into hope. It’s a small clearing – mostly a break in the storm. You’re not sure. Go. Put your feet on the path. Break it all wide open.

You’ve already lost so much here. And you’re still standing. That’s all that matters. Dust yourself off. The storm actually saved you. You thought it would destroy you. Nothing will ever destroy you.

Feel that searing heartbreak. Let it rise up from your chest and skim across the water like a manta ray – horrifying and beautiful – happy to be set free.

Take a stand at the front of the room. Your story needs to be told. Forgive the part of yourself that took a wrong path. It was a misguided attempt to find heaven – the divine realms from which you came. Every lost step was you trying to reclaim the love that flows so fiercely in the next realm. All mistakes are forgiven in the end.

Nothing is the same here in this density. Everything takes effort. Trying to recreate heaven on earth has been your path to grief. You’re here to feel everything and save everyone – to reach your hand into your breaking heart and share its wisdom – fearlessly.

Say: “I will do what is hard, what is required of me, the thing I fear – because I know it will save someone, lift someone out of pain, comfort a mother, brother, sister, friend. It will save me.

Courage is born in your heart and not your mind. Use it. Or it dies in your heart – a rosebud never opened, a bird with no song, a light never shared.

Here’s what you never knew:

The encouraging word you offered to a stranger that rainy day in a coffee shop – saved him. The heartfelt hug you gave to a friend you ran into at the party – healed her. The moment you turned your back on fear and ripped your heart wide open – changed everything.

Your one simple act of courage started a ripple of consciousness that spread far beyond you.

At the end you’ll see it. All the ripples spreading out, merging and turning into waves of light. You’ll see the way your words of wisdom pulled someone to shore – someone you never met – who then reached back and saved your beloved brother, sister, child – who then saved you.

You can’t see it now. But courage is everything. And trying again is the world…