You woke up this morning with a new idea. You marinated in it before getting out of bed. You asked yourself, is this the time to follow that dream?

There has never been a greater time to follow that dream than now. When the conventional rules of career come crashing in around us, we emerge from the rubble holding onto our true selves – the divine potential we came to fulfill through our work. Nothing else remains.

It’s time to embrace this great potential inside of you and launch your big idea. Or you can continue to apply for jobs you won’t get or would hate if you got.
Open your eyes. Do you see the gifted healer standing over there pretending to be a grocery clerk? Do you see the inspired inventor pretending to be a marketing director? Do you see the innovative engineer acting like a salesman? Are they abundantly wealthy, successful and happy? Probably not.

The question is, are you one of the few willing to believe your own inner voice, the intuition inside of you that has been whispering your mission for years?
I hear you saying it’s impossible. Everything is impossible. And yet you’re here anyway in this impossible world.

Perhaps it’s time to embrace the next impossible thing in your path – which is completely possible if you’ll just take a few steps in that direction.
It’s time to remember that this life IS a dream – and you created it. You meant to be the hero in your story.

The only courage you need is the courage to follow your truth, believe in your great potential, and bring your talents to the world through your work.
If this means heading down the path less traveled, so be it. The time is now.

Focus on these baby steps to help you remember who you are and bring your big idea to the world:

  1. Strengthen your spirituality, however you define it. Bring it into your life everyday through prayer or meditation. This means learning a tried and true meditation technique and practicing it EVERY DAY. This will open your pathway to inner guidance faster than any other practice.
  2. Understand that your pain is on purpose; it’s your greatest fuel to do your true work. Ask yourself, if I signed up for my painful experiences in order to bring my wisdom to the world through my work, how can my pain serve others? Whom can I help with the wisdom I’ve learned from my own challenges?
  3. Listen to your intuitive guidance rather than your mind – and learn to tell the difference. Here’s how: picture yourself doing a new job – one that you’re dreaming of doing. See yourself talking to people, sitting at your desk, or working from home. Pay attention to how that vision feels physically in your body. Does it make you smile and feel light? Do you giggle seeing it? Or does it make you feel heavy and tired? If it makes you feel heavy and tired, that’s your intuition saying “no, this is not the right career for you.” Instead, it’s probably a career idea that your mind created – to pay the bills and be practical.
  4. Realize that abundance will only come to you from doing your true work – which is the reverse logic from what you hear around you everyday. This law of divine order is always in action. Look around you and observe it in the lives of people you know. When people choose a job for the money, that money slips through their fingers like water. It’s not rightfully theirs. It didn’t come from doing the work they signed up for, so it never sticks. When they do their true work, the universe supports their efforts in every way bringing opportunities and people into their path who will help their work succeed against all odds.
  5. Take three steps towards the big idea that you woke up with this morning. First, test it with your intuition (see step 3). If it still feels right, take three steps to investigate this idea such as calling someone who does this work and asking them how they got started. Or research this career on the internet. Who else is doing it? How is your work different from theirs? Write down your ideas. Take three more steps each week.
  6. Identify the voice of your pitiful self getting in your way. This is your fear and doubt. That pitiful self exists in everyone. (Give it a name like Sad Sadie or Doubting Debbie so you can tell it’s a different energy from your higher self). We choose to come into this dense realm to push past those negative emotions and evolve our souls – not to get stopped in our tracks by Doubting Debbie. Look around you. The people you admire have pushed past their fear and doubt or they wouldn’t be where you want to be. You’ve wasted time being stopped by your pitiful self. Picture how your life would look it this weren’t so. Take a step past the fear today. Get out of your own way, and start moving in the direction you already signed up for.
  7. Remember this IS your dream and you meant to be the hero. Ask yourself, what would a hero do now to change my life for the better?
  8. Do it!