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In 2020, many of us are grieving. We may have lost a loved one or a career or a lifestyle that once made us happy. Mostly, we are grieving our connection to each other. How do we move through these holidays with this overwhelming sense of loss deep in our hearts. Here are some ideas to help:

1.-Stop Pretending!

Authenticity is on the rise in 2020. Many people are sharing their raw feelings about their lives being turned upside down. And that’s a good thing. As we share authentically with others, it connects us. We feel our shared humanity. We all need that sense of connection now.This year of 2020 also gives us permission to skip the meaningless holiday events that we may have attended in the past; to put our time and energy into more meaningful activities – especially being in service to each other. Reach out to someone who needs you. Volunteer to feed the homeless. Get real and meaningful and let go of the frivolous. There’s never been a better time for this.

2.-Feel it to heal it!

We need to feel the pain of what we’ve lost in 2020. We can only heal what we’re willing to reveal. If your heart is sad or grieving, be in that space. Do my Break Your Heart Wide Open meditation (described in my books). Spend ten minutes a day in silent meditation. Place your upturned palm in front of your heart chakra. Ask to feel the pain in your heart and then pour that pain out into your hand. Lift your hand and offer the pain to be transformed into love. Do this once a day to feel pain and release it. It will make the rest of your day much more manageable.

3.-Keep it sacred!

When we’re grieving it’s essential to spend time in spiritual practice – whatever that means to you. It can be silent meditation, guided meditation, affirmative prayer or repetitive prayer. Whatever marinates you in a higher consciousness is where you need to be. Hiking outside will help; and hiking alone while you speak to your departed is very helpful. Most importantly, sit in meditation once a day and send loving energy to your departed. When you do this you call them to you. Ask them for guidance. Pick up your pen and begin writing what you hear them say. Write quickly without editing or judging the words that flow through you. You can also have this conversation with your own higher self; your soul. Writing what you hear pour through you really helps you view your life from a new perspective. And we all need a new perspective as 2020 wraps up.

Those three simple steps can help move you through the holidays with more ease, grace and joy.

By Sue Frederick, author of Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the other side