My friend Marv sat on my shoulder today telling me to freshen up a chapter I was writing. He passed away several months ago, but his voice in my ear was strong and clear. “Just freshen it up,” he whispered. So I did. Then he was gone. I can still see the golden cord connecting us through our many lifetimes of friendship.

Let me assure you that seeing into the other realms is the only thing I’m really good at here. And yet, when I first hit the dirt of Planet Earth, I sprang into survival mode–forgetting everything I knew inside. I ignored the spirits in the room, dismissed my intuitive feelings, analyzed my precognitive dreams rather than accepting them for the gift they were. I learned to fit in. I wanted to be loved.

Most of us do forget everything when we land here. We look around at the limiting beliefs, the small-minded choices, the mindless chatter and we think, “Oh, so this is how it’s done here.” And we begin the journey of forgetting ourselves, of disconnecting from our intuition.

If today you’ve lost your way and long to reconnect to your higher self, just know what you know. Speak beyond the illusion. Share a truth at the dinner table that shatters chatter and serves divinity as the main course.

Become the one voice in the crowd who shares wisdom when all other voices are small and afraid. Make this your calling. Use your higher self and divine intuition to recognize your soul mate and attract true love.

Do this once and the angels will pick you up where you stand and bring you into the realm of light. They’ll smooth your clothes, wipe your face, and brush your hair. They’ll sing the sweetest song you’ve ever heard. You’ll remember it when you wake.

When you find yourself in the dirt once again, you’ll know better and move to higher ground–using truth as your password to become the shaman on the hillside or the mystic at the dinner party. It’s the only reason you came here.

Excerpted from I See Your Soul Mate by Sue Frederick