heart-stonesWhen we define ourselves as different from our partners, we put them in a box. This blocks the intuitive connection that naturally flows between two people in a loving relationship. It prevents deep understanding.

The truth is our differences are purely superficial. We may be wearing different costumes for this lifetime and playing completely different roles. But we’re all made from the same– divine energy. And we’re all on the same journey–evolving to our highest potential as we try to raise consciousness on Planet Earth.

We’ve all been here many times before as men, women, heroes, villains, soldiers, and saints. We each experience every path before our soul’s evolution is complete. This lifetime, like all the others, is a limited-run engagement.

When we open our hearts and embrace this shared journey, intuition flows freely between us. When we close our hearts in fear and separation–our intuition shuts down–especially in intimate relationships.

When we fall in love, our hearts are wide open. We’re in the flow of divine intuition. Intuition comes from the heart and love opens this portal to allow deep connection between two people.

It’s nearly impossible to maintain this blissful, openhearted state 365 days a year. However, in our daily meditations we can open the heart and feel our partner’s pain, challenges, and gifts. This practice builds deep connection and compassion in our relationships.

If you want awesome love, stop seeing the other person as different or separate from you. Stop putting him in a box. Instead, start FEELING your deep connection to him as an old friend on a shared journey of evolution.

Ask yourself if you have been categorizing your partner in any of these ways:
• You’re a man (simple & unemotional), and I’m a woman (complicated and emotional).
• You’re introverted and I’m extroverted.
• You’re rigid and I’m flexible.
• You’re emotional and I’m logical.

Try saying these words instead and discuss how it feels:
“We’re divine beings on a shared journey –each with gifts and talents we’ve brought to accomplish our great work. I’m here to help you live up to your greatest potential, as you do the same for me. This is our sacred agreement.”

Remember that we’re all made of energy–pulsing waves of light. The goal is to raise our frequencies together and get on the same wavelength where love and intuition flow freely.

Practice Daily Intuition

1. Write your thoughts on what it would be like to trade lifetimes with your partner. Say to your partner: “I see your journey of pain and I see your great gifts. I understand you more than you know. I will not separate myself from you, but rather take your hand and help you live up to your unrealized potential.”

2. List the qualities that you and your partner share (such as a sense of humor, intelligence, compassion, love of nature, etc.).

3. Imagine you’re connected to your partner through waves of pulsing light binding you together through numerous lifetimes in different roles. Draw a picture or write a paragraph describing this connection and discuss it with your partner.

4. Meditate to Enhance the Intuitive Connection with Your Partner. Write your partner’s name and birth date on a sheet of paper. Put your hand on the information, close your eyes, and meditate. Quiet your mind with mantra or prayer. After a few minutes, when your mind settles down, ask to see the mission your loved one came to experience. Ask to understand his pain and clearly see his gifts and talents. Ask what he came to accomplish. Ask for divine guidance to help your partner move forward to his highest potential. Write down any guidance or images you receive–as long as it’s wise, loving guidance from the highest source. (If anything ever feels frightening or negative, dismiss it immediately and repeat Om Namah Shivaya or The Lord’s Prayer to protect yourself.). Later, at a quiet time, share what you’ve written. Or use the information to help you understand and support your partner’s journey.

5. Practice Intuitive Decision Making. To build your intuitive connection to each other, practice this exercise daily: When you need to make a decision together–whether it’s choosing a place to have dinner or deciding on job offer–close your eyes and quiet your mind with mantra meditation. Picture yourselves at the restaurant you’re considering. Look at your surroundings. See and smell the food on your plates. Listen to the sounds. Now notice how your body feels. Does it feel good? Do you feel happy and excited? Are you smiling? If so, your intuition is saying yes to that choice. Share your impressions with your partner. Are they the same as his? When your intuitive connection is strong, you’ll arrive at the same conclusions time and time again. And when you follow through and make choices based on that gut feeling, your experience will be positive. If your intuitive connection is not strong, it’s time to meditate together daily. This is the greatest way to open your hearts and allow intuition to flow to one other.

Ask Yourself These Questions:
1. Do I remember times from our past when we felt intuitively connected? Describe them and how they felt.
2. How can I better open our intuitive connection now? What steps am I willing to take to make that happen?
3. What steps am I willing to take to change the negative energy patterns we’ve created in the past?

Practice these steps daily for two weeks and you’ll see a huge positive shift in your relationship. You’ve renewed your original intuitive open-hearted connection!