In a dream…

I’m standing to the left of a splendidly tall, ancient wooden wall filled with intricate deeply-carved Sanskrit letters. These letters fill lines and lines of the entire structure. I can’t read what the ancient writing says, but I’m compelled to understand its meaning. I move closer and run my fingers across the carved Sanskrit. Behind the great wall is a deep valley of green forest expanding as far as I can see. The forest is silent and motionless yet stunningly grand. It feels untouched by time and human existence.

“What do the carvings mean?” I ask out loud into the vast emptiness. From behind me a voice says softly, “When we take the human incarnation, we’re meant to move forward toward the light, to the soul, and not to dawdle or get distracted.”

“How?” I ask.

I am turned around to see a deep, endless tunnel opening right in front of me. The tunnel appears to be vast and limitless. From behind me a cat comes bounding out of nowhere and into the vast tunnel. At first, it runs forward powerfully and with purpose. Then, it slows down and stops and begins licking itself – sitting in the middle of the tunnel. It sees something small on the ground and knocks it around. The once powerful cat now seems confused and directionless, not moving towards the end of the tunnel – focused only on the details.

I wake up.

Am I like the cat, I wonder? Am I dawdling, getting distracted, focused on the details, and licking myself when I should be moving forward? I vow to hone my work more powerfully to show clients that their life stories are only the outer expressions of their soul’s intended journey – to use their gifts and pain to make the world a better place.

I vow again to remind people that their career choices can’t be made from the influence of trends, fads, opportunities, or what others are doing. Their choices must come from the inner knowing, the intuition of the true naked self they came to share with the world. And from the knowledge that true abundance and success only come from aligning ourselves with this naked work – the work that lines up with our pain, gifts and dreams.

This is my true work – to share this knowledge of the soul’s intention with others. It always has been – even though I buried my gift for many years trying to fit into conventional ways of making a living, trying to be accepted by others. (The cat licking itself in the tunnel…)

Yet I’ve always had this great gift, the missing filter, the dreams that take me directly to other realms for knowledge that I’m blessed to remember when I awake. All of my life, when I’ve met people, I’ve seen them doing things, careers, that they’re not yet doing.

For more than 50 years, my logical, linear, left hemisphere battled for dominance over this intuitive, all-knowing, wise right hemisphere that longed to meditate and dream – marinating in the knowledge of the other realms. Now they’ve made peace with each other, and as the right hemisphere slowly takes dominance, I am allowed to see more and more of this information – being trusted to share it accurately with clients and students.

What’s your story? Who are you really? Who is hiding inside of you? It’s time for all of us to come out of the closet and own up to who we really are. We’re needed now to be our true, wise, intuitive selves as we guide humanity through this pivotal point in our evolution. Are you a healer who feels energy pulsing through your hands and yet you make your living as a lawyer? It’s time to own your truth. By not following your gift, a life is wasted. As money scares you into playing it dumb, please know that money follows only your true work. When you’re on your true path, everyone around you feels that vibration of sacred alignment. You attract whatever and whomever you need.

In a Dream…

I can’t tell dreams from truth… I’m staring at a lake, a pool of vast deep water, still and glistening. Is this a dream or not? I’m under the water, swimming in a stream that is effortless, at home like a place I’ve always known. I never want to leave this water. There are levels of it, like tiers that I swim up and up to get to the top of the endless pool.

At the top, I emerge from the water feeling completely at peace and refreshed, and someone is standing there to meet me. He tells me sweetly that I can’t be here yet, that I have more work to do. I argue with him. I’m crying when he taps me on the shoulder, and I wake up. All day I can’t shake the memory of the pools. I feel the joy of the water rushing over me. I smell it, hear it, taste it. Can I go there tonight in my sleep or is an invitation required?

I am meditating on a client’s path before our session. I see that he’s an earthy Taurus on an expanded 5 birth path. I ask what this client needs to hear to move forward to his highest potential. I see images of an attractive man with great material successes, surrounded by cars, homes and trappings of success. Yet he is careening into the abyss of addictions – sex, and alcohol. What does he need from me?

The words come: Reconnection to his spiritual path, a reminder of the soul’s intention to teach and inspire others. He came to experience the greatest passions of human existence – but got sidetracked into meaningless details and addictions.

I write it all down – making a note to myself to be relentless in reminding him of his soul’s journey, of waking him up to save his life. At the end of the session, he says; “This is just what I needed. I don’t want to hide anymore.”

Months later, he tells me he’s become a corporate consultant who specializes in helping employees with addiction problems. He’s also getting a “Doctor of Divinity” degree so he can make his living as a spiritual counselor. His enormous passion for his new direction fills me with happiness – lights me up. I say a prayer of gratitude.