July 13 is my sacred day. It’s the day my husband Paul died in my arms from cancer in 1980. I was 29. That day was my entry into a portal of deep spiritual growth – out of which all the work I do today was born. Great loss has taught me to love fiercely – and for that powerful lesson I’m deeply grateful.
Today Paul sent me a gift. My first client was a bereaved mom whose 29 year old son had recently crossed. It was an honor to do the session with her and her son made himself very present for us. Afterwards she posted this on my social media:
I just had a session with Sue Frederick that I had scheduled back in April. I don’t often write reviews but I feel so confident in her abilities that I had to write this right away. If this review helps just one grieving parent make the decision to schedule with her I would be overjoyed to have a part in the healing that was to follow.
I can’t say enough good things about her and her work. For the first time since my sons passing, almost 6 months ago, I have hope in living my life with my son helping and cheering me on.
Up until today I had not heard my son or felt his presence despite my yearning to and despite the sessions I’ve had with two mediums. I know my son was there during the session with Sue and even heard his voice. This is something I would’ve given my soul for and with Sue’s help it happened within an hours time.
I now know it is possible to have a relationship with Josh and will be working on the meditations as Sue advised. She is such a beautiful, authentic, and loving soul and I am forever grateful for her and her gift.
With much love and gratitude,