sweigh-spilkinHere’s an amazing interview with Sweigh Emily Spilkin, MA, MFA, CHT, enjoy!

Death is a unifying force, a human mystery we all face. Yet as intuitive and author Sue Frederick reminds us, death is not the end. All of us have the capacity to connect with the unseen world and with our loved ones who have died, but most of us block it. Moreover, instead of being a problem to solve or get over, our grief (along side our anger, blame, guilt, and other difficult emotions) can be used as fuel to connect with our sacred mission—who we really are and what we are here to do on the planet. Join us in this interview with Sue Frederick as we dive into the mechanics of intuition, the power of grief, and practical tools to connect with our loved ones on the other side and “bridge” heaven and earth.

Listen to this powerful interview now:
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