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career intuitive sue Frederick meeting with client“After meeting with Sue, in the first ten minutes of my drive home, I had to pull off the road 3 times to write down ideas that were cascading out of my mind. Before I reached home, I knew the outline of my new career in three distinct phases, a name for my operation, and two contacts with people who can help me bring it to market. That meeting cost me $150; it was worth at least twice that and will pay dividends that far exceed that initial outlay.” – Pamela Yawin, Denver, Colorado”Thank you so much for your inspirational and mind-stimulating discussion with me. You’re an amazingly gifted and caring woman. I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity to speak with you. I’m already feeling like I’m back in touch with “me” and where my career has always wanted to go.” Ronee Holmes, New Orleans, LA.”Thank you again for your time and accumulation of years of work and experience. It’s like each minute is a nugget of many years of wisdom and insight rolled into one. It was so helpful. I called my best friend right after I got off the phone with you to tell her about it.” Angie Waszkiewicz, Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado”Thank you so much for leading your workshop at the Women’s College of University of Denver’s 2007 Career Conference, and for being such an inspiring role model to our students. Your presentation had a truly profound impact on the women who attended the conference. Your personal success, thoughtful insights and high-energy approach inspired them to break through personal barriers and proactively manage their careers. They left feeling revitalized and enthused, ready to take the next step.” Lynn Gangone, Ed.D., Dean of The Women’s College, University of Denver”Our session was unbelievable! You work so fast and got right to the heart of the matter immediately… Wow! So much more powerful and helpful than the conventional coaches I’ve talked to. Thank God I found your work.” M. Lee, Denver, Colorado

“Your work has truly made a difference in my life and where I am today. Thank you!” Kevin Mannion, New York, New York

“Sue, I am having a difficult time putting into words my appreciation and excitement following our session. You convey an immediate sense of assurance and understanding I have rarely encountered.” Carmel Taibi.- New York City

“What a gift you have! You’ve certainly given me plenty to think about.” T. Cohen – New York City

“Sue, words cannot express – but actions can. So I look forward to showing my appreciation by using our session as my momentum to act.” H. P. – New York

“First I want to tell you how very much I enjoyed our session. The entire concept was amazing and exactly what I needed to jump start my life. I kept listening to the tape over and over this weekend… and it has reinforced my belief that my session with you on Friday was a profound turning point in my life. You’ll be hearing from me again soon.” J. D. Baltimore, MD.

“I got so much from our session and thank you very much. I see myself much more clearly and have felt shackles fall from my mind. Even in these difficult times, this is the most positive I have felt in years. Cheers!”
Barbara Douglass, Denver, Colorado

“You are so amazing and so incredibly generous! Thank you so very, very much. I am forever grateful to you for all you do. I have such a wonderful and realistic sense of hope now – even at age 59 and after so many seemingly thwarted steps in the journey – after talking to you Thursday night. Thank you always!” Steve A., Kansas City, Kansas

“Thank you for your sage advice today. I will begin to put it into practice and expand my awareness of various things that linger in my subconscious awaiting attention. Thank you, too, for the workbook materials and The Top Ten Reasons E-book. Gee, I thought I was just going to spend a few bucks, pass go, and rest on my laurels. But you’ve given me lots of homework! So now the real work begins. Onward we go! Thanks again!” Steven Foster, Arkansas

“Thank you for that powerful session. I am kind of reeling right now from all the info, but I am very impressed by what you had to say. You are VERY good at what you do. Thanks again.” Randy Jonas, Denver, Colorado

“Dear Sue, Many thanks for the wonderful session last week! I felt affirmed, supported and inspired in many delightful ways. Later that evening, right as I was drifting off to sleep, I had the experience of ‘popping into’ a new level of power and clarity. It was as though, for a minute or two, I was seeing through the eyes of the fully-empowered me. In that new space, all the problems that I thought I had to solve had simply become irrelevant – had dissolved or been transcended. This experience lasted only a couple minutes, yet now is very much alive as an imprint, a beacon, a portal. I wish you all the best with your continuing work, and thank you again for a wonderful session.” — Elizabeth Reninger, Denver, Colorado