Write Your Healing Memoir Workshop

Seeing your Gifts & Tragedies from the Soul’s Wisdom

Boulder, CO

Unity of Boulder

2855 Folsom St
Boulder, CO

Sunday, October 8, 2017

1 to 5pm

Intuitive & Author Sue Frederick offers this healing workshop to help you find a healing perspective on your life and rewrite your story from an inner voice of truth and wisdom – whether you’ve lost a loved one through death or divorce; lost a career; struggled with abuse or health issues; or feel stuck in a negative story of pain and loss.

You’ll walk away with tools for bringing this shift into everyday challenges and you’ll have the beginnings of your own personal healing memoir. You’ll learn techniques for shifting from drudgery mind to poet’s mind to tap into your inner scribe. Writing your painful moments down to the bone will help you see them in a new light and bring them to the surface for healing. This is not just a writing class although you’ll end up with the beginnings of your book. It’s helpful to read my personal healing memoir to understand my approach. It’s called Water Oak: The Happiness of Longing and it’s available on Amazon.

We will also look briefly at your soul’s great purpose; your soul agreements with those who’ve broken your heart; and your many reinvention cycles and what they’ve taught you. You will write your story from that right-brain point of view rather than from the fear and self-doubt of the ego mind. These sacred techniques will free you up to heal the most painful moments from your past.