Let's Review Your Soul Plan

A Journey between lives for healing and insight



Three Thursdays: Aug 25, Sept 1 & Sept 8, 2022

6:30 to 8:00 pm Arizona Time which is Pacific Daylight Time

A Journey Between Lives for Healing and Insight

Imagine journeying through time to understand what your soul came into this lifetime to learn, and the gifts you brought with you. Join Rev. Sue Frederick — author, intuitive, certified past life & between life soul regression therapist, and Unity minister — for an uplifting perspective on your current challenges.

To gain insight, Rev. Sue will guide you through a significant past lifetime that has meaning for today, and a healing visit with your guides, elders, angels and departed beloveds. With Sue as your heart-centered tour guide, this promises to be a positive and lovingly insightful experience you won’t want to miss! You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of who you really are, the purpose of this lifetime, and how to live the most positive expression of your true self here and now.

You’ll experience:
-Deep relaxation as you’re guided through significant moments in the soul’s journey;
-Profound insights from conversations with spiritual guides and their council of elders;
-An opportunity to heal relationships by understanding past lifetime connections.