Grief Shifting

Connecting to the Other Side for Healing and Guidance

Stockbridge, Massachussetts

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Heath

February 7–9, 2020

If you’ve ever lost someone you love or if you feel heart broken, this workshop will rock your world! You’ll learn meditations and sacred practices that give you a direct conversation with the other side and a deep understanding of your soul agreements. You’ll understand why you’re here, what your great soul mission is and how to move forward joyfully in 2020. Your pain is meant to fuel your greatest work and Sue Frederick, author and intuitive, is a master at illuminating that path for you. You’ll leave with an enlightened new perspective on your story and clarity of mission for moving forward. Several people in the workshop get a brief personal reading from Sue. 

You’ll learn to:

  • Quiet the mind with ancient Sanskrit to hear your inner wisdom & connect to your departed (or with your Divine Guides on the other side)
  • Write your guilt story to reveal & release it
  • Receive written messages from your departed
  • Apply your birth path & intuition to see your great soul mission
  • Apply your birth path & intuition to understand your soul agreements with your departed
  • Use the wisdom of your nine year reinvention cycles to reinvent life & career
  • Use this information to find purpose in your life and work
  • Use your pain to fuel your great work