Your divine reinvention is right on schedule for 2018! I think we can all agree that inner change is required – by all of us – if we intend to keep living together here on Planet Earth.
The darkness and hatred that’s been revealed in the political climate of 2017 has pushed us to a tipping point. Today, quiet your mind through meditation and ask yourself:
Who do I intend to be in 2018? What world do I want to see that serves all of our highest good?
What role can I play (using my unique gifts) to help serve the highest good of humanity in 2018?
How can I empower myself to live up to my greatest divine potential?
How can I step up and show up in a braver way – to be more aligned with the light than ever before?
How can I empower others to live up to their greatest divine potential?
What’s one baby step I can take today to begin my divine reinvention?
Let’s do this! Together we can shift 2018 into the light and away from the darkness of our discontent.
I’d love to help you get started…