Fear, addiction, pain and despair occur when we lose the connection to our higher self, our divinity. Of course, we ALL experience moments of great pain and despair. It’s part of our human journey here.

Yet the moment we cry for help from our higher self everything changes. It’s as simple as saying: Please divine guides, God, or higher self help me shift into my soul’s wisdom to see the lesson in front of me. Quiet my ego mind and open my heart.

Take a breath and wait for the shift. Listen to the inner voice that speaks with love and not fear.

At that moment, you’re lifted into the divine view of life and reminded that you’re a powerful soul who came here on purpose to evolve and help others. Unexpectedly you see divinity in everything; the golden glow of love in each painful and joyful moment. You feel expanded, unafraid, open and clear on how to move forward. Your divine lens is activated.

The ego mind tells you you’re here to win, manipulate, accumulate, conquer, protect and defend. The divine lens shows you the grand view of your soul’s perspective. It reveals that you agreed to be born into this lifetime to face these exact moments of crisis and view them with love, gratitude and wisdom; to understand the pain of others who may be hurting you; to realize that everyone is doing exactly the best they can given their level of consciousness; and that all is forgiven in the end.

Your divine lens reveals that YOU are a highly evolved soul who intended to shine your wisdom on the painful dark moments of your life and to help others do the same. YOU came here to shine love on your fear; to pour light on your greatest pain.

Every single day of your lifetime has been perfectly designed to help you remember your divinity and shift out of the frightened ego view that’s rooted in our physical experience of being human.

In one moment of recognizing this, one heart-opening shift of perspective, your life changes, your soul speaks up, and your next step is revealed.COVERYOURDIVINELENS

From my newest book: Your Divine Lens; The Secret to Finding Purpose, Healing Grief & Living in Alignment with your Soul