Can my grief about this world push me to become someone better, stronger, more loving and wise? Can I take a stand as a guide through the darkness or will I surrender to the overwhelming fear and anger? As this world seems to go crazy, to rip apart at the seams, we’re each faced with a choice: Who will you be now?

You can focus on the outer world and its apparent chaos and and go crazy right along with it. I confess I’ve done that at times in the past year and probably will again. You may have as well. It’s the pool of learning we’re collectively dipping our feet into right now. But there’s another choice we can make. We can each look within and say: Who am I in this new world? What’s needed now more than ever before that I can offer?

We’re each being called to step up to our next level of growth; to our next unique expression of divine potential through our great work. Only you know what that means for yourself.

For me I need to take action in a bolder way than ever before. I’ve recently made some major choices about who I’m becoming in this new world – the stand I will be taking moving forward.

I’ve begun the baby steps to become a Unity Urban Minister so that someday I can help more broken people – from veterans to grieving people everywhere – remember they are divine beings who came here on purpose and that the veil is thin between the physical and divine realms. That has always been the core message of my work whether I’m helping someone reinvent career or move forward from devastating grief.

If you’ve worked with me or read my books you know this is true and this will never change. I will always do this work with clients, teach workshops and write books about what I know to be true. Nothing changes about my business moving forward.

But someday with new credentials behind my name, I’ll be able to help more people remember their sacred selves; their divine spark – no matter how disenfranchised our world becomes.

Each of you can look into your heart and ask: How can I use my extraordinary gifts and talents to shine a light on our world? Will I reinvent my career to align it more powerfully with my true potential? Or can I simply tweak it to get closer to who I really am and what I came here to do?

Only you can see into your heart for that answer. My work and books may help you realize your extraordinary potential and the baby steps for moving forward. But only you can take those steps. Only you can battle your fear mind when it tells you a story about who you are and always have been and how that can never change or you’ll lose everything that matters. This is the monkey mind at work. But trust me. You’ve got this.

Just meditate and quiet that mind. Open your extraordinary heart. Use the tools I’ve written about in my books and listen to your higher self, your wise intuitive soul reminding you how powerful you are.

As I wrote years ago in I See Your Dream Job: Release each belief you’ve held so dear, every idea of who you should be, every fear of not being perfect. You’ve carried this carefully crafted identity for too many years. Now the universe has made its own plans for stripping it all away – to help you remember something essential. That’s always the purpose of your loss. You didn’t come here to be someone else or hide behind anyone. You came here to be you – laden with gifts and blessed with challenges. You intended to grow – to push past your fears and expand. You knew coming in that change would be required. Look in the mirror and ask ‘who am I now?’ Is this who I intended to be?

Join me in creating a collective new level of meaningful work; we’re each needed to become our best selves now. To stand up for the light. Take your step into the impossible. We’ll help each other along the way. That’s all that’s left to do as we evolve our collective consciousness to the next level.

Let me be the catalyst, the divine spark to help you reawaken the extraordinary potential within. I’m more inspired and in tune than ever before and eager to help.