I’m thrilled to share that I have two self-guided 5 module courses available for you at HumanitysTeam.org

The first one is: Your Life Through a Divine Lens. I’m so excited about this course; it walks you through the process of shifting into your soul’s view for healing wisdom and inspiration whether you’re grieving or seeking life purpose. This five part course will lift you into your soul’s view of life for an enlightening and empowering perspective. It includes my personal out-of-body vision that changed my point of view forever; my three extraordinary Shared Death Experiences that show there is no death; two guided meditations to help you quiet your mind and trust your soul’s wisdom; an overview of my Sacred Numerology teachings and a wrap up summary of tools and techniques to change your life for the better.

Here’s the link: https://stream.humanitysteam.org/your-life-through-a-divine-lens-with-rev-sue-frederick

The second one is: Sacred Numerology with Rev Sue Frederick. This five video module class shares Sue Frederick’s unique teachings on how to use Sacred Numerology to see life through our soul’s view and navigate the challenges and gifts we’ve agreed to experience in our human lives – for the purpose of spiritual evolution for all.

Here’s the link: https://stream.humanitysteam.org/sacred-numerology-with-rev-sue-frederick