Do you believe in intuition? Do you realize you can tap into your own future and “see” your next successful career step?

Maybe you’re smart, successful, practical, realistic and don’t believe in what you can’t see. But then why are you in this mess? Why are you rethinking your life? Why did you get laid off? You carry the solution to all of these problems right inside of you.

What did you dream last night? Sit down and remember. Conjure up those lost memories. Honor what your soul is trying to tell you. Be your own shaman. Your inner wisdom is banging on the door of your practical, logical left-brain as powerfully as it can. Are you listening?

Did you know that in the 1900 edition of Sigmund Freud’s book Interpretation of Dreams, the father of modern psychology, wrote about his own dreams and what he thought they meant? One of those documented dreams clearly foretells his future illness 28 years later and eventual death from mouth cancer. The dream even offers a solution (to stop smoking cigars). But Freud interprets this dream in his own narrow parameters of sexual metaphors rather than seeing the divine gift of premonition and solution that the dream offered.

Are you doing something similar with your dreams?

If life really isn’t as “realistic” as you imagine it to be – what are you missing?

Maybe you’ve had glimpses through the cracks in the façade of our physical world. Perhaps it was at the birth or the death of a loved one. Maybe you’ve taken a breath, had a moment where you knew there was something more, and you heard your higher guidance, your divine wisdom whisper: “Life is not what you think it is.”

This is your powerful higher self reminding you of what you already know but choose to forget because it’s not what the world tells you is true. Yet that’s the same higher self that can reveal your new life and new work to you as effortlessly as a dream in the night.

Are you afraid? Are you worried about your future? Then you’re not listening. You’re tapped into your fear instead of your intuition. Do you see the difference?

Fear is a low, negative energy and it resonates in the pit of your stomach, in the clenching of your hands, the tightening of your throat, and the weariness of your thoughts. Your intuition and divine guidance speak up in the quiet moments when time stops and you just know what’s true. Just know it in your bones. But first you have to stop and be quiet for this to happen. When was the last time you did that?

Sit down, shut up, and quiet your monkey mind. Shut down the part of your brain that you always listen to. You can pray, meditate, or just breathe. Think nothing and do nothing. Just wait. In the spaces between your breaths it will happen.

What is your soul whispering? Did you see that quick glimpse of an image from your future? It’s there in the corner of the room, in the corner of your eye when you look away.

See, you’re there working at something new and exciting and loving it. Did you notice that feeling of “YES” that spread through every cell in your body when you saw it? Did you notice the smile spreading across your lips even as you fought the image with your logical mind?

Go back and look again. Feel it. Did you hear a voice whisper, “You’re a teacher. You’re a writer. You’re a healer.” Write down what you heard.

Could it really be true that your soul ordered up this lifetime to get to you this point where you would have to wake up? Could it be true that your soul came in on a mission to bring your talents to the world in your unique way to help raise the consciousness of the planet? Is it possible that we really are all connected, part of the same energy membrane, and we all signed up for this together?

Could it be true that every failure, pain, challenge and victory from your past has been on purpose exactly as you preprogrammed it so that you would discover your great potential and live up to it through your work – which is your gift to the world?

The mere thought of this possibility wakes up your soul, pulls you out of fear, paralysis and grief, and allows you to see what’s coming next. Now you can remember your dream.

In your dream, you’re standing in a new world – this world – and you know it’s all on purpose. You know that you’re here to share your talents fiercely through your work.

You don’t “go to work” anymore. You give yourself to others in ways that are needed. And you’re paid for doing this. You lack nothing. You live on purpose, and make your money by offering your soul’s true gifts to the world. You honor your intuition in every moment.

This is my dream and you’re in it with me.

Sit down, quiet your mind, and tune out the fear.

When you open your eyes, you’ll see your next step.

Take it.