Launching into 2023 I’m dreaming of thin places; places where we strongly align with the presence of the divine in all of its forms.

2023 is a 7 year in numerology – a year of transcendence, powerful knowingness, intuition and focus on spirit.

For me, a 7 year is deep and meditative and opens me fully to higher self and divine revelations. I write more. Intuit more. Dream more. And I meditate daily to appease the monkey mind with quietude and peacefulness.

The negative of a 7 year can be cynicism or doubt of anything we cannot see, touch or feel; two sides of one coin. As we meditate and pray we release the cynicism and doubt of the logic mind and open our right brain for intuitive transmissions from beyond the veil.

I dream of a walk on a beach – my favorite thin place to access the voices and presence of my beloved departeds. Yet I recognize that every breath I take, no matter where I am, opens me to a thin place experience. It’s truly as simple as breathing.

Inhale. Raise my consciousness up from the earthly realm. Exhale. Release the binds that tie me to the logical physical world. Embrace the mystery.

Ahh… what a relief. I’m home. This higher all-encompassing view of our soul’s journey resonates as true in every cell of my body. Once again, I’m dancing in the invisible realms and talking to the beloved spirits who guide me.

My prayer for all of us in 2023 is pure connection, an open heart, alignment with what cannot be seen, touched or heard. A portable thin place to carry in our hearts. It’s easy as taking another breath. And so it is.