Just spent the morning having coffee with the amazing moms (Elizabeth, Lynn & Carol) here in Scottsdale who founded www.HelpingParentsHeal.org. Whenever I’m with them their departed children are so present and powerful.
When I got home, I was looking through the HelpingParentsHeal.org conference program and was overwhelmed with gratitude to all the children and loved ones on the other side who brought us together. I’m so deeply honored to be a speaker at this conference. I felt chills everywhere and said a prayer of thanks.
Suddenly I got a motion notice on my Ring doorbell app. I checked the app to see what the movement was at the door. No one was there – except spirits in the form of gorgeous orbs. Never seen anything like this one particular orb before; Carol’s departed son Tyler’s face is clearly present in the large orb. I took a screenshot and sent the photo off to the moms. They immediately saw Tyler’s face in the orb. It’s an extraordinary sign from her departed son, Tyler.
Thank you Morgan, Tyler, Devon, Paul, Crissie and all of our beloved departeds who work so hard to give us proof of the divine. It takes courage to believe in the invisible; to embrace alternative ideas of life and death. Yet our departeds work so hard to teach us that there is no death. That the veil is thin. And that our lives here matter; that we have choices to make for highest good; for God Consciousness. And those choices are always about love, compassion and courage.
My heart is wide open with gratitude. I embrace the lessons from our departed. And so it is.

Do you see Tyler's face in the orb?

Tyler’s face is so clear in this orb!