I’m sitting in a white, dome-shaped room at a large table. The sound of water falling in the background is soothing. But I’m feeling anxious anyway and am unable to sit still.

The man in front of me carefully studies charts spread out across the table, amused by my impatience. Slowly he looks up and smiles. “You can do this,” he says softly. “It’s a big path, a strong mission. You’re ready.”

“What if I get lost? I’m not sure I’m ready.”

“You will get lost. But you’ll have help from soul mates whom you’ll recognize upon meeting.” He looks back up at me smiling. “You know who they are, don’t you?”

“Yes, my posse. Same as always.” I smile, remembering our great love for one another and our last incarnation together.

“This time, let me caution you, many of those agreements will be designed to spur your growth until you embrace your path and get down to work. Until then, the pain of those relationships will keep you moving. You’ll long for a resting place. But it won’t appear until you create it with your sacred work.”

“What is my true work?” I ask, starting to feel queasy about this journey.

“Using your spiritual wisdom to help others–sharing the gifts you bring in with you to help raise consciousness.”

“You think I can do that down there? And get paid for doing it? You DO remember they’re still a primitive and economically based world…”

“You’re up for the job, my dear,” he says, staring directly at me with disarming blue eyes.

“Will I be homesick?” I ask.

“And sometimes afraid,” he answers. “But these feelings will force you to search for truth and see beyond the illusions. You’ll experience pain so you can help others in pain.”

“Will one of my soul mates stand beside me to help do the work?”

“Later on, after you’ve found your strength and courage.” He pauses and looks directly at me. “Please remember that you’ll never be like others. Many get lost there thinking they should act the same as the others. Each one has his own mission, the sacred work brought to Earth to help shift consciousness. Just remember who you are and focus on your mission.”

“Why is there so much confusion in that realm?”

“The dense energy causes us to forget. But that’s changing…”

“Will I ever have what’s considered a normal family life while I’m there?”

He looks back down at the charts and papers spread out before him. He points to a section where several lines intersect. “Oh yes, very sweet…but later on.”

“How will I remember what I’m supposed to do?”

“Your heart will be broken every time you hide behind a partner. That heartbreak will be your fuel; it will push you forward.”

“What about money and comfort?”

“Not really until later. Too much of that in the beginning can slow you down.”

“Right…no money and comfort until I’m doing the work.”

“Right,” he says, smiling.

“What clues will I get to help me find my way?”

“Your powerful intuition. You’ll see what’s coming before it arrives. You’ll feel everything around you–good and bad. You’ll dream of your partners before they show up. You’ll recognize every soul mate the moment you meet. You’ll dream about your great work constantly and be restless until you accomplish your mission.”

“If I follow my intuition I’ll succeed?”

“That’s the plan. You’ll have to embrace those powerful emotions–loss, anger, fear, joy, and love. Those feelings will help you find your way. Don’t worry. We’ll be in touch,” he says, standing up and moving away from me.

“You’ll help when I need you?” I ask, getting up to follow him.

“Through your feelings, dreams, and intuition. I’ll see you again so quickly. The visit seems long when you’re in it. But it’s only the blink of an eye in your soul’s journey.” He turns and walks out of the room without looking back.

I have more questions and try to follow, but I’m quickly escorted into a large chamber with a platform in the center and told to lie down.

Soothing words and music fill the small space and help me relax. I begin to feel deliciously sleepy. Golden light illuminates from every direction. “It’s wonderful,” I whisper, lifting my hand up into the light to see the iridescence.

I awaken in a physical body struggling to breathe.