deathThe moment you shed your tears, open up, give up, surrender and admit you know nothing – everything gets better. Fast better. Way better. Magic better…

When you wrap your arms around your beloved – the one who won’t be coming home again – and you lose your heart, feel it lifting up and away from you, taking wings, leaving like the daylight leaves, you see that nothing here is real. And the person you thought you were is gone – left behind with empty hands.

Later when you’ve traveled home, stood in your bedroom staring at nothing, you see that the only thing left behind is you – bare naked stripped down to soul – you.

Who is that? How long has it been? How long have you managed the details of your life and forgotten to check on your soul?

That feeling of not knowing who you are now or what matters anymore is your new beginning. It will kick the wind from your stomach, knock you on the floor, and leave you without words – empty. Waiting to be filled with spirit.

One day soon you’ll be the just-born baby you once were, bright and shiny with no story attached. No history. No definitions or titles. Just a radiant soul made of energy and love – excited about a new beginning. This is the blessing of your loss.

Throw out your trash. Rip off your clothes. Forget your name, story, bio, and your tragedies. Feel the joy of knowing nothing and being no one. This fresh energy will soar into your newly opened heart like mother’s milk. It’s what you’ve needed for a long time. It’s necessary to help you realign your great work.

Release each belief you’ve held so dear, every idea of who you should be, every fear of not being perfect. You’ve carried this carefully crafted identity, your burden of lies, for too many years. Now the universe has made its own plans for stripping it all away – to help you remember something essential.

That’s always the purpose of your loss.

You didn’t come here to be someone else or hide behind anyone. You came here to be you – laden with gifts and blessed with challenges. You intended to grow – to push past your fears and expand. You knew coming in that change would be required. When did you forget that?

Look in the mirror and ask ‘who am I now?’ Is this who I intended to be?

maskStrip it all away. You never know what lies beneath your tarnished surface until it’s all gone. Then you’ll see the gold – the beauty of your naked soul. You don’t have to figure it all out – to know which steps to take for the next five years. You only need to take the first step. Divine order arranges the rest.

Get out your pencil and erase the spread sheets, delete the to do lists and the five year plans, walk into your yard, climb the fence, swim in the lake of your unspoken dreams. Heal yourself.

Turn away from those who remind you of who you’ve been. Walk out of rooms that keep you small. Take a step into the impossible. This is your new life.

Someday when you’ve forgotten who you used to be and what you used to want and you believe in things you never would have considered and do things you never would have had the courage to do, you’ll catch a glimpse of your beloved – the one who never came home that night – the night your new life began.

You’ll see him in the corner of the room, watching you, nodding his head with a smile, sending you the greatest love you ever felt. And you’ll know that you never lost anything on that wicked day when you thought you’d lost it all.