If you’re looking for inspiration to lift you above these heavy times, listen to my Mystical Conversations Podcast; we discuss dreams from the other side and intuitive knowings… https://www.buzzsprout.com/1246712

I want to have a mystical conversation with you; the kind where we lose ourselves in the wonders of divine mysteries; share dreams from the other side; intuitive nudgings; and soul mission yearnings.

We’ll explore your journey from the soul’s wisdom; why you came here; what you came to accomplish and who you came to love. (Have you fulfilled those intentions?)

We’ll lift above these heavy troubling times and immerse ourselves in the higher understanding of your soul. You’ll get clarity. You’ll remember that everything is okay. You’ll see your next step.

A mystical conversation is what happens when we lift above our ego mind and review life from that place of divine inspiration. It’s the place we go to know things we can’t see from everyday reality. We have to rise up within our consciousness to get this new view.

We might also have mystical conversations with departed loved ones and with our God Consciousness within – which is always a source of guidance and pure love. This is the place that feeds us. Helps us thrive no matter our circumstances. I’ll go there with you. We’ll rise up together.