INTUITION is your gut feeling. It is, above all else, a feeling from the heart. It marinates you in confidence, wisdom, and empowerment–never in fear. It’s the connection to your true self, your raw, unrefined truth unclouded by the monkey-mind.

It’s the shimmer of a spirit in the corner when you turn your head and the dream that wakes you up and stays with you. It’s the knowingness that comes when you stop talking. It’s the feeling that overpowers you in spite of logic. It’s the voice whispering in your ear, and the nudge you often ignore in deference to being practical. It’s our right-brain, expanded consciousness guiding our journey as planned.

Your intuition is your sacred pool of divine knowing. It’s a gateway to your higher self. It’s not linear, logical, or realistic. It’s your dreamy, gut feeling, creativity– the part of you that knows the truth but doesn’t know why it’s true. Your intuition is your sweet spot. Robert Graves, an English poet, scholar, and novelist, said, “Intuition is the supra-logic that cuts out all the routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer.”

Intuition can navigate you successfully toward finding true love as effortlessly as a dream in the night. It works better than dating sites, speed dating, or singles’ events. Love is the gateway to your intuition.

You’ll never be as intuitive as when you fall in love. Your energy centers are most open and receptive, and your monkey- mind quiets down. You look into a stranger’s eyes and remember him from another time. You know when he’ll call. You feel his embrace long before it actually happens. And you sense what he’s feeling even when the two of you are apart.

We’re all a little more comfortable with intuitive loving than we are with intuitive living–using intuition for our everyday life and career choices. Yet we can tap into this portal of sacred guidance whenever we open our hearts. When you fall in love, nurture this sacred gateway to the unknown. When you’re not in love, love anyway. It will open the door to your divine intuition and your highest self.

Before going on a first date (especially a blind date) write down your date’s name and place your hand over it. Close your eyes and do a short meditation with mantra to quiet your mind.

Now ask to see what the person looks like and feel their energy. If the energy you feel and the person you see makes you smile and giggle, that’s a yes from your intuition. Your higher self is telling you that this person will be a loving presence in your life.

If the energy feels bad in your stomach and makes you feel anxious, cancel the date. If the energy you feel revs up your sexual chakra, that’s telling you what the focus of this relationship will be.

If you don’t feel a loving warm energy in your heart while picturing and feeling this person’s energy, this probably won’t be a long-lasting or fulfilling relationship.

Extra Credit:
If you have the person’s date of birth, decipher their birth path (as explained in Chapter 9 of I See Your Soul Mate: An Intuitive’s Guide to Finding & Keeping Love) and write his name and birth path on a sheet of paper. Put your hand on this information and meditate to quiet your mind. Now ask to feel the person’s energy and understand his journey. Ask if this person is someone you should connect with for your highest good. Pay attention to the feeling you get and note whether it’s positive or negative. Write down any thoughts about this person and birth path that come to you during your meditation.

If you’re using dating websites print out a potential date’s photo, name, and information. Practice this intuitive meditation technique using her photo, name, and birth date (if it’s available). Notice your gut reaction. How do they feel to you? Trust your gut. If it feels bad, don’t pursue this person no matter how beautiful the photo or how brilliant her story.

Keep practicing. Use this intuitive technique with potential hires at your workplace or to decide whether to take a new job. The more you use your intuition, the more you’ll trust it. Eventually you’ll realize how good you are at trusting your intuition.
You are now becoming a master of intuitive living, an approach that will put you right into the juicy flow of your life and bring you love, success, and happiness each day.