What an extraordinary blessing it is to conduct past life & between life soul regressions & witness the clarity, wisdom & healing that clients experience during these sessions. Working with grieving clients and helping them connect to their departed has been my passion for more than a decade. Last year when the “woo woo moms” came into my life – an extraordinary group of grieving moms (who never believed in anything “woo woo” until their child died) – my intuitive sessions took on a new dimension as their enlightened children came through powerfully from the other side to offer guidance, love and blessings to all.

Before each session, when I sit in meditation to connect and write what I hear them saying, their words flow through me and I become their secretary – taking notes for mom. These are life affirming sessions and I simply get to be the witness. Through these blessed moms, I was led to participate in a soul regression session and it jolted me into complete alignment with higher wisdom – or as we say in Unity – God Consciousness. Wow!!!

I became obsessed with learning to guide others through this extraordinary soul regression process – of lifting above the human story to remember the soul’s contract. I trained with extraordinary teacher Dr Linda Backman at the Ravenheart Center and I’ve been offering these sessions ever since. My husband Gene was one of my first soul regression clients and had a healing experience of seeing and feeling his guide – the angel Raphael – holding him in his arms for healing. 

I hope you’ll sign up for one of my soul regression sessions and let me lift you above this ordinary world; far above your overwhelm, anxiety, exhaustion & grief. Great healing awaits you there. It’s my honor to be your guide…