Throughout time, spiritual teachers have emphasized the power of turning inward to connect with divine self or soul’s wisdom. In this “secret place of most high” we access our God Consciousness as well as our departed loved ones and spirit guides. I go there daily in my personal meditations and in meditation on every client I work with. In this secret place within, I experience my beloved departed’s guidance as well as joyful visits with the departed loved ones of my grieving clients.

In this secret place, the departeds tell me their stories and give me loud and clear messages for their people still here in the physical. They say we are the ones who struggle; this dense physical realm is the hard place; and we came here on purpose to evolve the soul. They make it clear that the world of the soul – when free of the body – is deeply marinated in loving consciousness and higher learning. Join me for a three week zoom class where we’ll discuss the way to access this Secret Place of Most High and travel through it together.

Rather than thinking of meditation as a chore or a struggle – when we quiet the mind through mantra repetition we slip effortlessly into the most nourishing healing inner space possible. A place of most high…

Emilie Cady was a metaphysical writer and teacher in the 1890s who had a profound impact on the founders of the Unity Movement – Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Her description of our Secret Place of Most High (in her book Lessons in Truth) is an awesome teaching in how to sit in the divine presence no matter what occurs in the outer world.

Together we’ll study her Lessons in Truth and discuss how they apply to our lives today and help us navigate these challenging times. We’ll access our Secret Place of Most High to gain a deeper understanding of our spiritual purpose and gifts and live our best lives.

Attendees will experience:
-Meditations to access our Secret Place of Most High
-A deeper understanding of spiritual purpose & gifts
-The power of Denials & Affirmations for transformation
-An exploration of personality vs individuality

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