1. When your mind says, “You should just get a job, any job”. Your reply is: I will happily get a job – the perfect job for me. And laugh out loud!
  2. When your mind says, “Who do you think you are?” You reply: I’m me and that’s good enough!
  3. Your mind controls how you feel about things, therefore controlling your mind breath-by-breath controls how you feel and act. Think of a favorite comedy scene from a movie you love. See it until you start giggling. Giggle until you feel happy. Notice how quickly you improved your vibration level.
  4. Imagine a perfect day in the life of a perfect career. See it start to finish – even if it seems impossible. Write down exactly what you saw and why you liked it. Now describe it out loud and talk about it until you’re smiling and getting the joy feeling inside. Walk around the house talking out loud about this perfect new career you’re going to have. Laugh about how ridiculously happy you’re going to be doing this work.
  5. Start each morning by sitting for 20 minutes and repeating a word of your choosing. It could be a Christian word such as Jesus or “peace” or it could be the Hindu word Om. As your mind wanders, gently bring it back to that word – without tension. Be gentle. Watch the thoughts go by. When the mind is quiet, start pumping in the joy. See the perfect dream vacation you’re going to take your family on. See their faces when you tell them you’ve bought the tickets. Hold that feeling and build on it.
  6. Start each morning reading from a spiritual book such as the bible, or the scriptures from your particular spiritual path. Go for that feeling of peaceful contentment. Read until you FEEL that everything will be alright no matter what. Ask for guidance. There is always help available from the other realms. Call in the light. Say God’s name in whatever religion you follow.
  7. Start each day by visualizing a perfect day from beginning to end. Take at least five minutes to see it clearly from what you’ll wear to work that day to how easily you’ll get your work done, to how well the meeting will go. Imagine friends asking you out for dinner and getting an unexpected check in the mail. Do this until you feel the joy. Carry that feeling with you for the rest of the day.
  8. Choose one of the positive career affirmations written in this workbook and repeat it throughout the day watching how it improves your feelings…and your vibration level.