Every mom and dad I know…Would’ve stormed that room, trampled the officers, crushed the shooter, taken a bullet – to save our babies. Every mom and dad I know is hurting right now, understands deeply what these newly grieving Texas parents will feel in the days and weeks to come. We walk the journey with them; we hold them as they weep; we wipe their tears. We know this pain too well…

We, who’ve walked the path of loss, are the carriers of light for others. We understand grief. We understand that these moms and dads will fall to their knees and cry out for understanding; will demand that their babies lift them to be with them in the unknown, to the place we call death but we the grievers know is “home.”

We also understand that their baby angels are already soaring in the realms of unconditional love; that they’re welcomed by Morgan, Devon, Tyler and all the beautiful children who’ve lifted from this earthly realm before; that divine beings wrap them in light the moment they cross into the invisible.

We understand that these ancient wise souls see this experience differently than we do. They see it from the eyes of enlightened wisdom even when we cannot. They are not in pain. We are.

We honor the souls of these brave children whose deaths will help shift our consciousness here on earth; wake us up to a higher understanding of who we are and why we walk this painful earthly realm – to learn the higher lesson of love – even in the midst of darkest pain.

We understand our departed comfort us even when grief keeps us from feeling that comfort; keeps us from seeing signs or hearing their voices.

But we are still here. We still walk in this dense heavy realm of unconsciousness. This moment in time triggers our grief; brings us back to our own losses; outrages us, and brings us to our knees in despair.

That’s okay. It’s okay to feel this pain; to feel outrage. That’s the purpose of this human journey – to feel it and know it deeply; to surrender to the lessons of loss; to understand that love and compassion are the only answers; that each moment of heart break holds a moment of awakening; that only the brave agree to such loss; that we carry the light of healing for others. That we are here to awaken to our divinity.

Feel the grief, fall to your knees, ask your departed to help – because they want to help; they want to lift us up; to ease our journeys. But they also know that we are here as soldiers of wisdom – speaking out and standing up for our feelings – that we have to feel it to heal it.

If you’re triggered right now – know that you walk in the light of higher consciousness; that your beloved child is part of this grand agreement to shift awareness here on earth. And that you – brave beloved moms and dads – are surrounded by unconditional love from both sides now – the human and the divine.

The children are alright. We are the ones in pain. Turn to someone and comfort them. Lift them from their grief with your divine spark of love and light. Offer to help. Stand in your truth. Allow your wisdom to shine. YOU are on purpose.

And so is this moment…

-Sue Frederick, author of Your Divine Lens & Bridges to Heaven www.SueFrederick.com

-This piece was written for www.HelpingParentsHeal.org at the request of founder Elizabeth Boisson