The most wonderful thing about being human is our ability to choose. In this earthly realm, we’re allowed to experience the perfect combination of destined soul mission and free will – every moment of our lives.

We each come here with a great soul intention to live up to our greatest potential, line our lives up with our highest self, and do great work that helps others. Yet we also hit bumps in the road; loss, illness, financial challenges, childhood pain and relationship turmoil.

Free will allows us to decide exactly how we’ll view each challenge and how we’ll use every gift we’ve brought with us.

No one else chooses our viewpoint for us. We are the ones who determine how we view our life story.

We can choose to view this world as only a physical world with random tragedies and meaningless coincidences. Or we can choose to view life through the eyes of our soul.

When we align our ego mind with the wisdom of our soul – we see things differently. Light pours through us and reveals the hidden beauty of each moment. We see that each challenge was perfectly designed for our highest good before this lifetime began.

We understand that the purpose of each bump in the road has been to help us grow and awaken – which is the primary reason we incarnated into this physical realm. We become empowered with wisdom and compassion.

All it takes is an inner shift of perspective. This occurs when we connect to our higher self through meditation, prayer, choosing love over fear, or simply calling out for divine guidance. A simple request for wisdom and understanding is always answered. Take a breath. Ask now…