Have you ever worried that someone else might get a job you want because they’re younger? When you start worrying about the younger competition, it’s really time to focus on who you are and who you want to be. Are you happy with your career? Is your life on track?

If you’re worried about aging, give this thought a try: “When I’m using my innate talents with all of my passion to make a difference in the world through my work, I am successful and happy.” Is this statement true in your life? If not, make a course correction, career reinvention or whatever it takes to align yourself with work based on your unique gifts -the work you came here to do.

Once your life is aligned with work you love that uses your innate talents and is on-path for you, you become unstoppable. You attract every opportunity, circumstance and relationship you want. The only thing that can sabotage you is your fear.

To master agelessness, try this exercise: Stand in front of a mirror and think a negative, fearful or worried thought. Look at your face. Now think a thought of gratitude or love. Breathe in the gratitude and soak yourself in it. Look at your face again. Do you see the difference?

Consider that aging is simply accumulated negativity that creates an expression we identify as “old.” When we spend most of our time in a state of worry or stress, our negative energy ages us. We can become youthful again the moment we shift our focus. Here’s a simple exercise to help:

Pretend you have $5 million in your bank account, perfect love and perfect health. Spend a few minutes imagining this life of ease, fun, travel and meaningful work. As you picture this life, feel your energy rising on your energy continuum until you’re feeling pretty darned good. Congratulations! You’ve just shifted your energy to the high-end of your energy continuum – without changing your external circumstances. That in itself is pretty cool, and it shows how powerful you are. It demonstrates that feeling good is not dependent on your circumstances.

Here are some ways to win the anti-aging contest:

1. Focus on your innate talents. Your value in this world comes from using those innate natural talents with all of your passion to make the world a better place. Using those talents every day in your work creates lasting beauty that the world recognizes. The work you attract by using your talents is your true work.

Today, make a list of your top five natural talents, such as inspiring others or creating peace from conflict. Ask yourself if you’re using these talents in your everyday life and career. If not, change direction until your life and work become platforms for bringing those gifts to the world. That’s what you’re here to do. That’s your true purpose–and your true beauty.

2. Use energy shifters. Whenever you’re feeling “old,” say to yourself: “When I raise my energy (with gratitude, sweetness or humor), I connect to the divine fabric that we’re all part of, and I’m as brilliant and beautiful as anyone in the world.”

Practice that energy shift (from pitiful to powerful) wherever you go, whether it’s to a meeting or a dinner party. Whenever you’re going out socially, raise your energy with gratitude and humor before you leave the house. If you’re having a bad day, read books, watch movies and listen to music that lifts your energy and inspires you with new ideas. (And turn off the news, please.)

3. See yourself as divine. That’s hard to do sometimes, so here’s a trick that helps. Picture yourself looking and acting your best; see it as clearly as if you were watching a movie and seeing yourself in the leading role. Imagine yourself interacting with others in an attractive, graceful and charismatic way. Draw a picture of what this new, divine you looks like and hang it on your bathroom mirror. Whenever you’re being self-critical, shift your gaze to the picture of your ideal self and say, “Thank you, Universe, for connecting me to my innate beauty and grace.”

4. Surround yourself with great friends who live by these principles. Model yourself after their way of thinking and facing challenges. When we surround ourselves with small-minded thinkers, we prevent our own wisdom from showing up. We stifle our greatness to fit in. We make ourselves smaller and more trivial in order to be seen as “normal.”

In the world of small-minded thinkers, life is only a beauty contest and a trivia quiz. You’ll feel empty and off-path when you engage socially with folks like that. Get comfortable being around high-energy people, since your new job and new co-workers are going to be very high-energy. These high-energy people live in their truth, using their talents, purpose and passion. They don’t waste their time or yours. Stand amongst them.

5. Align your work with your true mission. Each of us has a path as revealed in our date of birth. By learning about your path, which reflects your true intention for this lifetime, you’ll know which careers are right for you. For more info about your path read I See Your Dream Job; A Career Intuitive Shows You How to Discover What You Were Put On Earth To Do