2020 is a working year laboring under the vibration of the 22/4 – a powerful master soul number that urges us to step up to our greatest self and live in alignment with a higher consciousness; to be productive and successful with inspirational activities, ideas and businesses. To shift up!

It’s not a laid-back party-at-the-beach year. It’s a calling; an urging forward; a leaning into our true work and true self with a focus on making the world better; making ourselves better. And doing the necessary hard work to get it done.

If you’ve been called to write a book, get it done in 2020. If you’ve dreamt of starting your own business doing work you love – start it now. If you dream of going back to school for a better life, do it.

It may feel daunting – like there’s so much on your plate and you’ll never get it all done. But whatever baby steps you take towards the bigger dream sends a signal to this divine universe that you’re ready to step up; you’ll be pulled forward into the right direction.

Your future success will rest on the inspired work you get done in 2020. Use this opportunity. In 2021, you’ll be glad you did as your life expands and thrives in ways you’ve only dreamt of before.