Who Will You Be Now?

positive-energy1Whenever we’re experiencing deep loss or illness, we stop dreaming. We only focus on the pain and the past. Have you ever seen a dog lick its wound obsessively and thus prevent healing? That’s what we do with our pain.

It’s okay to do this for a little while. But recognize that it’s not helping you. In order to make things in your life get better – you have to start dreaming of what you want next.

When a loved one has died, we sometimes feel like we’re betraying them if we move on and stop licking the wound. This is clearly not the case. Your loved one is watching you from the other realm and desperately wants you to let go and be happy again. Releasing your attachment is the greatest gift you can give someone who has passed on. Bless them on their way to the higher realms.

If you could have a conversation with your deceased loved one, he or she would tell you that your grief hurts them too. Your painful attachment prevents them from moving on to the great adventure awaiting them in the higher realms.

When my husband died, Chief Fools Crow (who was in North Dakota and miles from civilization) hiked to a phone booth in order to call our mutual contact in Denver – who then called me in Boulder and said, “Paul has passed on now, and the spirit guides are guiding him to higher realms. But if you wallow in your grief, you’ll prevent him from moving on to where he needs to go to find peace.”

This phone call greeted me the moment I returned home from the hospital after Paul had died. His words truly helped me; I didn’t want to hurt Paul by holding onto my grief.

If the person you’re grieving over is still alive, but they’ve chosen not to be in a relationship with you – you have only one option.

Throughout the day, say this to yourself:

“Okay, I wasn’t being my brilliant self. My energy was terrible, so she (or he) left me. Now I am doing everything in my power to raise my energy. I will soon attract him (or someone greater) into my life.”

Remember, life is simply an energy contest. The person with the best energy always attracts the life and love they want.

Pain Fuels Your Career

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????Here’s the secret: The more pain you feel, the more energy you have to launch your new life and a more meaningful career. See the pain as fuel – not as something that stops you from moving forward.

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain.” Carl Jung

When you’re unhappy, it’s time to face your greatest ally – your pain. The pain you’re feeling deep inside of you is like a beacon calling for your attention. It’s telling you what you need to know so your life can improve.

Remember, everything is energy. We are made of vibrating pure energy and as we vibrate, we attract. Our emotions, thoughts and beliefs create the vibrational messages that we send out. These vibrational messages either help or sabotage our efforts to have a wonderful life. And these vibrations have nothing to do with how we’re “acting” on the surface.

We may be acting like we’re fine, but the universe and everyone in it feels our true vibration of pain or joy – and that’s what they respond to. And that’s what we attract more of.

Your pain needs to be recognized, listened to, and turned into fuel to move your life forward. How do you turn your pain into fuel? First by recognizing what your greatest pain is, and then by recognizing how to heal that pain through your work – or your actions in the world.

Your work then becomes a powerful platform for healing you and healing others. Remember, the more pain you have, the more fuel you have. Consider your pain to be your greatest blessing and move forward.

What is Reality?

reality-illusionYou don’t understand what reality is. You’ve been misled into believing that the seen world is more real than the unseen world of thoughts, beliefs and energy.

Quantum physicists remind us that at the core of all matter (which makes up our reality) are endless waves of light. They remind us that the observer (you) determines the form and shape of reality. This means that you choose your reality when you choose your thoughts and beliefs.

And, as the physicists point out, we are vibrational beings sending out frequencies which interact with other frequencies. We connect with and attract people, circumstances and opportunities that exist on the same vibrational frequency as the one we are sending out.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone in misunderstanding how these things work in our world. It’s our human challenge to figure this out. All of our preciously held “realities” only exist because someone intended them into existence. What reality are you intending into existence right now?

Look closely at your life for the answers to that question. When we look at the work of quantum physicists we begin to understand how “creating your reality” works on a sub-atomic level.

What does this have to do with you? Everything…

Each time you think, “I can’t find work that I love,” or “I’ll never find true love,” or “I’m probably going to get cancer like my father,” you make it so.

Will it take mainstream science 20 years to embrace and catch up to these brave and brilliant researchers? Absolutely.

Consider this: When the natural health movement began to take root in this country, it followed the same slow path to acceptance. In the 70s, herbalists, acupuncturists, doctors of aturopathy, and homeopaths were called “quacks.” They slowly became our “alternative” healers. Today, more than 70% of Americans rely on natural medicine to supplement their healthcare. And more than 30% of conventional physicians recommend some type of natural remedies to their atients.

This revolution of the mind will take the same slow course. But you, dear reader, are on the cutting edge of this revolution and you can reap the benefits of this newfound knowledge today – in YOUR life.

Let’s begin…

Understanding the grieving process

marieListen to this fascinating interview fromThe Marie Manuchehri Show…Where Energy and Medicine Meet where Sue talks about the grieving process. You will gain an understanding of how Sue helps people get into the grieving process. The interaction between Marie and Sue is a great combination in this show.

You will be able to hear the questions from listeners who call in to tell their stories and get advise from Sue. You can feel the flow of how this grieving process works as Sue talks with each person about their experiences.

  • How you can always connect with lost loved ones.
  • Your loved ones are still with you and are there to assist you when you reach out to them.
  • How your loved ones can see you, hear you and help you.
  • How can you take action to move forward.

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Talking To Loved Ones On The Other Side

1Our pain and grief is meant to open our hearts, strengthen our connection to the divine & inspire us to accomplish our soul’s greatest mission and tells us why.

Talking To Loved Ones On The Other Side

  • How do you communicate with the other side? Can others develop this ability?
  • Do our departed loved ones try to communicate with us often? Do we block it out?
  • How can you recognize a sign from the other side?
  • Why do you think we need to communicate? How does it help heal our pain and grief?
  • You say that grief is meant to open our hearts, why is that?

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